Search for a Course


The Course Catalog Search page enables you to search for courses at any or all campuses of The Ohio State University.



You will start from the Course Catalog Search page.

Class Search page

1. Specify your desired search criteria.

There are many possible combinations of search criteria, but keep the following notes in mind:

NOTE: If you select "GEC" as the Course Attribute, you will see an additional message at the bottom of the page: "This GEC category may vary across majors in your chosen college. Please run your Degree Audit Report and/or contact your college office for more specific information."

2. Click Search button. The Catalog Search Results will appear.

Class Sections results

3. Scroll down to see all courses that match your selected criteria.

NOTE: Course Catalog Search does not list specific offerings or sections of a course. To view offerings or sections, refer to the Search for a Class procedure.

If desired, you can select and copy a Catalog Number (such as 121 in the example above) and paste it into the Course Number field in the Class Search page to search for that specific course.

4. Click Return to Search to return to the main Course Catalog Search page and start a new search.